No Mercy-ing Dolph Ziggler? Previewing WWE No Mercy 2016




As I sit here and another WWE pay per view is looming, there is only one topic that I want to delve into when it comes to No Mercy.

Oh, I’ll give my predictions on every match soon enough, but after tonight, this could be last time we see Dolph Ziggler.

Whether that makes you sad, makes you happy, or makes you indifferent, it’s hard to predict what you are feeling.

Ziggler was once the uber-favorite of the Internet Wrestling Community. While Daniel Bryan was building his momentum by losing in 18 seconds to Sheamus and teaming with Kane, the WWE Universe was cheering on the Show Off to be the top guy.

Back in 2011 and 2012, Dolph Ziggler deserved the championship. That’s what many smarks, marks, and dirt sheet writers were talking about. When it finally occurred, the night after WrestleMania 29 in 2013, the New Jersey crowd hit euphoria. The crowd could not believe that Ziggler successfully cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase and became World Heavyweight Champion. That was the moment Ziggler fans had been waiting for – and the moment Ziggler had been waiting for.

It was an awesome time to be a Dolph Ziggler fan. But due to an injury, that title reign did not last long and Ziggler never recovered. Sure, he won a Survivor Series match that eradicated the WWE of The Authority...for a few weeks.

But other than that championship win, I am having trouble naming my other favorite Ziggler moments from his career. I’m not counting his Spirit Squad run. Just when he was Dolph Ziggler – beginning with his “My name is…” gimmick. I know a good number of his matches got me on my feet, but I can’t recall which off the top of my head.

Maybe that’s a result of the number of hours of wrestling that I watch in a week in Ziggler’s era. If something isn’t as momentous as a long awaited title win, it’s just not worth remembering.

I do remember he fought Kofi Kingston.

A lot.

Like a lot a lot.

Just search YouTube for Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston.

There is their their Smackdown June 2, 2010 match

Their Smackdown July 9, 2010 match

Their Smackdown July 23, 2010 match

Their Smackdown July 29, 2010 match

Their Raw May 5, 2010 match

Their Smackdown August 6, 2010 match

Their Smackdown August 20, 2010 match

Their Smackdown August 27, 2010 match

Their Smackdown December 10, 2010 match

Their Raw December 13, 2010 match where Kofi teamed with Daniel Bryan and Ziggler teamed with Ted DiBiase

Their Smackdown December 31, 2010 triple threat match vs. Jack Swagger

Their Smackdown January 7, 2011 match

Their Raw May 7, 2012 match

Their Raw September 24, 2012 match

Their Superstars September 27, 2012 match

Their Raw March 18, 2013 match

Their Smackdown March 22, 2013 match

Their Raw March 28, 2013 match

Their Raw April 29, 2013 match

That time they teamed together against the Prime Time Players on WWE Superstars August 16, 2013

Their Tribute to the Troops 2013 match

Their Raw June 1, 2015 match

You get the picture.

I’m sure there are more, but those are all I could find on the WWE’s YouTube Channel.

Regardless of the number of times Ziggler faced Kingston, the point is I am trying very hard to remember anything else.

I even checked Reddit’s Squared Circle because I was sure someone made a list of his best matches. I knew there should be one. There should be a Top 10 list at the top of the Wreddit right now because Ziggler was a great wrestler. He was the poster boy for “he's so good, he needs to lose to elevate this other guy.” Seriously, I think his character created the need for that wrestling phrase.

After googling, I did find a Wreddit post about Ziggler’s Essential Matches by MatthewMir made in August.

From the list, Dolph Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan at Bragging Rights in 2010, the Ziggler- Alberto Del Rio “Double Turn” Match from Payback 2013, and Ziggler vs. Luke Harper at TLC 2014 are a few I remember marking out to.

So - should this be the end for Mr. Ziggles – oh yea, that was a thing, too. I really don’t think this should be the end.

But I do think he will lose tonight. Yes. I think he’ll have a sendoff on Smackdown. But in a few months, he will be needed back for one reason or another. His triumphant reinstatement. That will make a good story. One to remember.


Other Predictions: 

A.J. Styles defeats John Cena & Dean Ambrose 

Alexa Bliss defeats Becky Lynch - supposedly Becky is hurt

Randy Orton defeats Bray Wyatt

Heath Slater & Rhyno defeat the Usos

Nikki Bella defeats Carmella

Jack Swagger defeats Baron Corbin

Enjoy the show!