HERSTORY IN A CELL: Show-stealers & Ceiling-breakers


Tonight, the cell takes a step back. The main focus of tonight's Raw exclusive pay-per-view Hell in a Cell is two words: match placement.


And if the rumors are true - which they are usually are (except when they aren't) - the main event - meaning the final match of the "Triple Main Event" - will feature Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair.


This would not only be historic because this is the first time eeeeeeeeever (practicing my Jericho impersonation for Halloween...you don't like it? YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!...ahem) two female wrestlers would compete inside Hell in a Cell, but it would also be the first time a women's match closes a WWE pay-per-view.


Think about that. Since The Wrestling Classic in 1985, the WWE has bee presenting quarterly/monthly/bi-weekly pay-per-view events. That's a lot of matches! But in those 31 years, not one women's, ladies', or divas' match has been the main event.


If it is indeed true that tonight that glass ceiling is breaking, should the WWE have made a bigger deal about it? 


Or 1) Did WWE decide too late to make this a bigger deal? 2) Does WWE now see all competitors as equal - since they jettisoned the term Diva at WrestleMania - and there is no reason to point out this historic occurrence until it actually is happening? 


Whether WWE decided back when Mick Foley announced it a few weeks ago or if it was decided just a few hours ago it should happen, Sasha and Charlotte have proven they can handle the pressure and deliver - final match on the card or not.


Now who should win? You know, as in an actual wrestling match prediction. Well, Charlotte should come close, but Sasha just won the title back and she needs to show on the big stage why she is the Raw Women's Champion and not a 2-time fluke. 




Other predictions:


Kevin Owens defeats Seth Rollins - look for Chris Jericho to almost cost Owens the match.


Roman Reigns defeats Rusev - Reigns will win using the cage somehow. 


New Day defeats Sheamus & Cesaro - just not ready yet to say goodbye to the New Day's reign.


TJ Perkins defeats Brian Kendrick - I do like the story of Kendrick wanting Perkins to let him win. TJ should have mixed emotions but ultimately do what he needs to in order to walk out champ.


Gallows & Anderson defeat Enzo & Cass - Start building up The Club again as a force, one to be reckoned with.


Bayley defeats Dana Brooke 


Team Cedric defeats Team Nese


That is all. Have a historic time!!