No Time For Witty Headline: WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Predictions




It's my favorite event of the year - besides WrestleMania - and SummerSlam - and old school Survivor Series -  and so on and so on - it's the start of the Road to WrestleMania. It's the Royal Rumble!

Everyone has their thoughts on who will win the 30-man WWE World Heavyweight Championship Royal Rumble match. Roman Reigns? Triple H? Daniel Bryan? AJ Styles? Brock Lesnar? Bray Wyatt? A surprise returning from injury John Cena...again?

Here we go, right off the bat...I am telling you my prediction to be the winner of the WWE Royal Rumble and the NEWWWWWWW WWE World Heavyweight Champion-

Kevin Owens.

I was going back and forth between Owens and Dean Ambrose. But I can't see Owens going back to the I.C. title. I see bigger things for Kevin Owens and now is his time. He's the best heel on the roster. He's an authentic personality - no goofy character, no convoluted story around him - he's just a man who will do anything for his family. A man that he we love to hate. 

It's your time Kevin Owens. Of course, I would mark out totally for Daniel Bryan and say I called it too, so in conclusion - I'm excited just as long as something remarkable happens.

Other Matches:

Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens - Intercontinental Championship /Last Man Standing

Since I'm going with Owens to win the Rumble, Ambrose has to beat him in a Last Man Standing Match for the Intercontinental Championship earlier in the night. I'm sure Ambrose will use some crazy device - like a a ladder wrapped in Velcro - to keep Owens down and win.


Alberto Del Rio vs. Kalisto - U.S. Championship

I like what they are doing with Kalisto, you know trying to make him a star. He needs to win that title back. Del Rio doesn't need it. Del Rio needs direction, yes, but he doesn't need the title. With WWE sans a cruiserweight title, Kalisto can turn the U.S. division into a nonstop action, edge of your seat destination.


Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch - Divas Championship

Evil Charlotte with Daddy Ric still deserves more time with the title - like until WrestleMania. This feud has picked up a bit of steam now that everything is sorted out over who is a heel, who is a face, who is friends with whom, and why Ric Flair is needed. I think Becky can make this a memorable match, but Charlotte will make this a victorious one.


The New Day vs. The Usos - WWE Tag Team Championships

We've seen this match before, right? I know I have. Like multiple times. But I feel like I enjoy watching it every time these two teams are in the ring together. This should be no different, as should the champions who walk in and walk out. It's a New Day to start the match and it's another New Day to end it.


KICKOFF MATCH: Fatal 4-Way Royal Rumble Qualifier

WINNERS: Dudleys. Testify.

I am hoping for a Royal Rumble full of surprises - ones that make sense and move along the story.  Surprises for the sake surprises are nice, but we've seen them for years now. DDP, Diesel, Boogeyman, all good, but one and done. If someone unexpected enters the match, it needs to have an effect on the future of the WWE leading to Mania. 

With that said: let's get ready to rumble!