The Song of the Summer of 2015 Contenders

Every summer there is that one song that will overshadow all others.

That song that will be the one you connect with this particular summer for the rest of your life.

It's a mystery why that song becomes the song, but you can't disagree with it when it does. 

Here are the contenders (as they stand now) for the Song of the Summer of 2015:


Right now the Billboard charts say this is the song of the summer. Rapper Wiz Khalifa's collaboration with YouTube star turned pop singer Charlie Puth has the number one spot on the Hot 100 and has the biggest gain in airplay. The tune - a tribute to the late Paul Walker - is off the Fast and Furious 7 soundtrack. It will be a tough task for this sentimental favorite to remain on the top of the charts throughout the entire summer, but it's not out of the question.

Billboard Hot 100 Week of May 30th Ranking - #1  (remained at #1) 


This in all fairness should be the song of the summer. It has a catchy beat. A memorable chorus. And a fun band name. The only issue is it debuted on radio stations months ago. Has it lost its luster? Its sheen? Its dance floor polish? With music, sometimes it does take a while to catch on, but this one seemed to be embraced by the masses in no time. It may already be getting into the ‘heard too much zone’ for some. In my opinion, it is not there just yet. But by the end of the summer? Now, that’s a different story.  But is Shut Up and Dance catchy enough to remain appealing and be called the Song of the Summer of 2015?

Billboard Hot 100 Week of May 30th Ranking - #4 (up from #5) 


A summer song should make you feel something. Whether that something is a sense of nostalgia, a moment of pure joy, or a feeling of determination and self-empowerment. This song represents the latter. Rachel Platten performed this song on Good Morning America a few weeks back, so it's out there. The song has already been featured on the Supergirl trailer and it would be a safe bet that we will hear it popping up in other videos throughout the summer. I can already hear it during the Little League World Series promos. But will we be looking for a less intense song to call the Song of the Summer of 2015?

Billboard Hot 100 Week of May 30th Ranking - #28 (up from #53) 


She was all about the bass, but now Meghan Trainor is all about talking to her future mate, emphasis on future. This 1950’s era pop tune has the makings of a bona fide hit, but will it be as successful as her breakout single? Trainor sang an acoustic version of this song on The Voice finale – which is an unofficial sign of the start of the summer season. If it has half of the popularity as All About That Bass, Dear Future Husband could grab the title of the Song of the Summer of 2015.

Billboard Hot 100 Week of May 30th Ranking - #17 (down from #16) 


How do you feel about hearing talking - not singing - during the beginning of verses? Then Sam Hunt’s Take Your Time is your jam.  (Sam Hunt is not to be confused with Sam Smith, because they are both named Sam and that could be confusing.) Like any good country tune, this song tells a story. In the music video, Sam saves a woman from an abusive relationship. With its important message and Nashville melody, Sam Hunt could have a number one hit on his hands. But is country the way this season will go and Will Take Your Time be the Song of the Summer of 2015?

Billboard Hot 100 Week of May 30th Ranking - #33 (down from #30) 


The hit maker herself Taylor Swift has a contender for the battle of the Song of the Summer 2015 and she is not coming alone. Kendrick Lamar brings his hip hop vibe to Swift’s pop realm.  Like every other Taylor Swift song, this will probably get stuck in your head whether you want it to or not. The music video not only features Swift and Lamar, but also cameos from Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba, Lena Dunham, and more. So there is already major celebrity endorsements working for the song. But is Taylor Swift too much of a safe choice for the audience this season? Will we want a fresh artist to claim the title or has Swift yet again re-imagined herself? This song, one that crosses many genres, could cross the finish line first in the race for the Song of the Summer of 2015.

Billboard Hot 100 Week of May 30th Ranking - #53 (was not listed last week) 


Okay, so that’s not the true full title, but we’re talking about the clean version of the song. The one Maroon 5 and Adam Levine sang on The Voice (there it is again). This song already has a leg up on the competition being that it is about the summer. So it’s already a summer song, but will it be the summer song? If anything, I feel this song’s title may give us a phrase that will be used over and over again throughout the season.  But this tune is more laid back than the dance party that was Moves Like Jagger a few summers back. Maybe that is what we are looking for - a song with a smooth rhythm that lets us know just how the summer will feel. If that’s the case, Maroon 5's This Summer’s Gonna Hurt has a good chance of being the Song of the Summer of 2015.

Billboard Hot 100 Week of May 30th Ranking - #67 (debut) 

So what will be the Song of the Summer of 2015?

It could be one of these. Or it could be a song yet to have made it to Sirius XM Hits 1.

But the summer is unofficially here and the summer music is officially being heard.

So Song of the Summer of 2015 you better make your move fast or before you know it, you’ll become the Back to School Song of 2015, and no song wants to win that title.