Bob Costas, Guinea Pigs, Snapple: Baseball is Back!



In Switzerland, it is illegal to own only one guinea pig because they are prone to loneliness.
— Bob Costas
MLB Network

MLB Network

With that simmering in your minds there is only thing else to say - Baseball is back!

And that’s not said with sarcasm.

The correlation between the companion-seeking qualities of a guinea pig and America’s favorite pastime may seem arbitrary, but if you were watching the Boston Red Sox – New York Yankees game Friday night, you would see there is a definite connection between the two.

The game lasted 19 innings. Yes, 19 innings.

 But it was during the bottom of the 16th that something magical happened.

Feeling the need to keep the audience invested in the game, Costas resorted to reading the Snapple Real Fact from his Diet Snapple.

It was Snapple Fact #986 to be precise. The one about the lonely guinea pigs in Switzerland.

Now, when I said ‘baseball is back' earlier, I was not saying that in a cynical way, I was saying it in a legitimate excited voice.

But how could Bob Costas reading a Snapple Fact make someone excited for the start of the baseball season?

Because you never know what will happen during a game – on the field or off the field.

Each team plays 162 games in a regular season.

This was only the fourth game for both teams and we already had so many moments to talk about.

On top of the fact that the game went 6 hours and 49 minutes, there was the Snapple Fact.

Some may say – but he was reading it out of boredom because baseball is boring. Homer, I’m looking at you.

But baseball isn’t boring.

Bob Costas reading a Snapple Fact is interesting. It’s different. It’s unexpected.

It made sports and news websites across the internet.

That was not the only noteworthy aspect of the night.

The game’s monumental length made headlines.

Mark Teixera’s birthday became a talking point. Teixera was 34 when the game started Friday night. He was 35 when it ended at 2:13 a.m. Saturday.

There was a delay because of a lighting failure. (Ok, that wasn’t the most interesting thing ever).

But with each of the nine (or 19) innings in every game, there’s opportunity for fascination. Whether it be from an incredible catch – by a player or fan, some mascot hilarity, a crazy interfering animal, or a thirsty announcer with a thought-provoking law.

So while Costas was joking that viewers had already turned their television sets off in the 16th inning, those who really understand baseball were still glued to every word and every at bat.

Because as another Simpsons family member said, baseball is an ‘unpredictable, passionate game.’

Yes, Lisa ends her quote by saying baseball is ‘beaten in excitement only by every other sport.’

But I’m sure she was saying that sarcastically.

Regardless, baseball is back and I’ll drink a Diet Snapple to that.