Can You Survive These Predictions? 2015 Survivor Series Preview





Before reading, check out my article on the 25th anniversary of The Undertaker. 

It’s Survivor Series Sunday - where teams of 5 strive to survive.

Well…two teams of five because as of right now there is only one Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match scheduled for tonight’s event.

Let’s get right to the predictions and then I’ll give the card I would have booked for Survivor Series.

World Heavyweight Championship Tournament

Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens

Roman Reigns vs. Albert Del Rio

The obvious route – meaning the route I thought of and subsequently seen and heard across the web - would be Ambrose vs. Reigns in the finals with Ambrose turning on Reigns and joining The Authority.

With Ambrose as your new champion.

The other option would be put your biggest heel – Owens - in the finals with (in) your (opinion) biggest face – Reigns- so you get a classic bad guy vs. good guy finals.

The point, however, is that Reigns can’t leave this event with the title. He needs to come just close, but have it yanked from him yet again. This will continue the ‘Will Reigns ever be champ?’ story.  

But if Reigns can’t win, and if it’s not an Ambrose heel turn, who walks away champion?


Mr. Money In the Bank could pull off a copy of Seth Rollins’ WrestleMania run-in and interrupt either scenario and walk away the champ. He could also come out after Reigns wins the title and defeat him, but I’d rather keep Reigns away from the pinfall.

So what would I like to see? A heel Ambrose walking away champion.

What will most likely happen? A Sheamus walking away champion.

The Wyatt Family vs. Undertaker & Kane

Has Bray Wyatt ever won a match? I kid. He has, but they are not as common as his losses. And this has all the makings of another Wyatt loss. But the easy way out would be if Kane takes the loss. OR – here we go again- if Kane turns on his brother.

If this is indeed Taker’s last ride, why not throw in one more Undertaker vs. Kane match at December’s TLC. If this is indeed his farewell tour, why not revisit one of his most memorable and durable feuds?

I want the Undertaker to win. - use his lightning powers and stand victorious! But he has the ability to take this loss and continue on his tour. With another loss, Wyatt might just become a low mid-carder who wrestles Fandango on Superstars.  No matter who teams with Bray – they must win.

WINNER: The Wyatt Family

Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze

When Dolph (as Dolph) first entered the WWE he was very similar in character to Tyler Breeze, so it’s kind of like Dolph fighting his younger self. This should be a good match with a feud behind it. It may seem more interesting than it is just because it’s an offshoot of the Rusev-Ziggler feud which most wrestling fans want to forget. But after Tyler Breeze took a loss in the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, the newcomer to the main stage should get his first pay per view win.

WINNER: Tyler Breeze

Charlotte vs. Paige

This will be a very good Divas match. While all the talk is about this past Raw and what was said during the contract signing segment, the fact is these two women are two of the best on the roster and will put on a great show for the fans. What was said in that closing segment may not be brought up again by the WWE because of the controversy, but that won’t take anything away from the match. And if it is brought up again, viewers should not let it take anything away from the match.

WINNER: Charlotte

Traditional Survivor Series Match

My guess: Cesaro/Neville/Dudleys/Calisto vs. New Day/Stardust/Barrett

WINNER: Cesaro – give the Internet Wrestling Community something to cheer about

Now here is what my Survivor Series would have looked like as I’m an advocate for the 5-on-5/4-on-4 traditional matches. I mean, It’s Survivor Series – when else should we have these matches??

Of course, we would have the finals of the Tournament:

Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose – it would have had a week build to create intrigue

The Divas Match is fine, too: Charlotte vs. Paige

Now here is where the changes would take place:

4-on-4 Elimination Match

The Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness: Undertaker, Kane, NXT Champion Finn Balor, Ryback


The Wyatt Family: Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Braun Strowman

5-on-5 Elimination Matches

The Team With Kevin Owens: Kevin Owens, Stardust, The Ascension, Alberto Del Rio


The Cesaro Section: Cesaro, The Dudleys, Jack Swagger, Neville

The Unicorns: The New Day, Bo Dallas, Miz


USO Crazy: The Usos, Prime Time Players, Kalisto  


Hmm…it seems the roster was larger back in 1987.


Enjoy the Survivor Series!