Six-Man Tag Team Match


Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, & Neville vs. Rusev, Sheamus, and King Barrett


This was on Raw, right?  I remember seeing this six-man tag match (one of many) on Raw. It was a good match, so let’s try for it again. Every time there’re a bunch of mid-carders just wrestling for no reason, I always just want them to pretend to fight as the bell rings and then clap hands and form a new stable. These 6 men could be the United Nations of Pain. Cesaro would be the leader of course.


WINNER: Ziggler, Cesaro, Neville


U.S. Open Challenge

John Cena vs. Mystery Opponent


Names upon names upon names have been filling up the internet over who will accept Cena’s challenge. Some are legends. Some are former WWE champions. My choice? It would be the recently promoted to the main roster Tyler Breeze. With talks that Cena is stepping away for a period time, the leader of the Cenation should ‘make someone’ tonight. While I would love to see any of the rumored surprises I’ve read about, I think Breeze showcasing his talents against Cena, winning the title, and then battling with a motivated Dolph Ziggler over the next few months over the championship, would create quite an interesting feud – a new one, in fact – and one about the gold and not about affairs. But it all starts with Cena, not only putting on a show with Breeze – which is expected – but Cena needs to let Breeze go over on him. Usually, the likelihood of that would be questionable, but with Cena’s looming departure…it’s time to make a star.


WINNER: Tyler Breeze


WWE Tag Team Championships Match


The New Day vs. The Dudleys


It’s a New Day! Yes, it is. But it’s time for new tag team champions. The Dudleys’ return needs to be capped off with a title victory. Even if they are only champions until next month’s Survivor Series, it will still give them their 10th reign. And besides, the New Age Outlaws got to be champs during their latest run, why not the guys from Dudleyville? Wazzzup?


WINNERS: The Dudleys


Intercontinental Championship Match


Kevin Owens vs. Ryback


Hasn’t this match happened already? What is this feud? Is this a feud? I don’t know. I just want Kevin Owens to win and move on. And I think Ryback should be a special attraction and show up sporadically. Make him feel special. His character has the ability to be that Ultimate Warrior type persona. It’s just preserving him that’s key. We don’t need to see him on every card – which means he does not need to be Intercontinental Champion again.


WINNER: Kevin Owens


Divas Championship Match


Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella


Can we believe how close we are to a Charlotte vs. Sasha show stealing match? It’s soooo close. But first - this. Respect needs to be given to Nikki for holding the title for a record length. Yes, Vince wanted someone break to the record, but if that person was not generating a reaction or had a good worth ethic, he would have canceled the mission and found someone new. But with Nikki, they kept at it and had her become the longest reigning Divas Champion in history. That shows what the Bellas mean to the WWE. Will she win the title back tonight? Now, I don’t mean that.


WINNER: Charlotte


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match


Seth Rollins vs. Demon Kane


I know it might not be cool, OK, but I am a Kane mark. Big Kane fan here. This guy right here. I actually wrote a blog on my Tumblr page a short time ago, praising the importance of Kane to WWE and why fans should stand on their feet and cheer when he arrives on stage. But Kane…this storyline. It’s not helping our case. Corporate Kane. Demon Kane. Injuries that are there one minute and not there another. It’s hard to make yourself believe this. Now, Kane and Seth Rollins are both doing the best they can with this storyline. And Kane’s character can go into the mystical Undertaker realm, but I would have rather a ‘reality-based’ storyline where Rollins just told Corporate Kane he’s washed up and doesn’t deserve a title shot because he can’t do what he used to. That’s when he turned into Demon Kane and a la 1997 disrupts matches and tombstones everyone. That would have jazzed me up for this title match more. Instead, the focus is on whether or not Corporate Kane will remain Director of Operations. Someone chokeslam this storyline – both guys deserve better.


WINNER: Seth Rollins


Hell in a Cell Match


Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt


I like that this is an actual feud being decided inside the cell. They wrestled multiple times over the past few months and now they need the cell to determine the ultimate outcome. That’s what the cell is for. But why do they hate each other again? Because Roman cost Bray a shot at Money In the Bank right? And then Bray stopped Roman from grabbing the briefcase? Sometimes I get lost after a few weeks of the reason things are happening – but most of the time that’s because there is no reason. This ‘Anyone But You’ story feels like it’s about to end – or should end with this match. These two Superstars are able to put on a great match and I hope the cell helps and does not hinder.  


WINNER: Roman Reigns


Hell in a Cell Match


The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar


Almost exactly 13 years to the day of their first Hell in a Cell, Undertaker and Lesnar will lock horns again inside Satan’s structure. At No Mercy 2002, a brash, upstart WWE Champion Lesnar took down the Big Evil version of Taker. This time, I see things playing out a bit differently. Lesnar defeated Taker at WrestleMania 30. One point for Lesnar. Taker defeated Lesnar at Summerslam. One point for Taker It turned out Taker tapped to Lesnar in the same match at Summerslam prior to Undertaker winning. No points for either, but truthfully, Lesnar should be given the point there. Which means the Undertaker needs to win this one. If this is truly his last ride, he needs some decisive victories! And Lesnar will still remain a beast even with a loss.


WINNER: Undertaker