10.21.15: Back To The Future Day is Here


October 21, 2015. Today.

Wow. Since 1989, I have been waiting for this day. Thinking about this day and what it would look like, what it would feel like.

All because of Back to the Future Part II. A movie that is part of a trilogy that has been a part of my entire life.

There is not a day I go without citing a line from one of these movies: From the obvious 'Make like a tree and get out of here' to the iconic 'It can't be you, I just sent you back to the future' to the obscure 'Mom? Mom is that you?'

In fact, my senior quote in high school was Doc Brown's "Your future hasn't been written yet" speech from BTTF Part III.

So yes, these movies have affected me. They have stayed with me throughout my childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

But why? What is it exactly about Robert Zemeckis' & Bob Gales' classic films that struck a chord with not only me, but millions around the world?

Is it the crazy time travel paradoxes? The mind-blowing hoverboards? The sleek DeLorean? The catchy Huey Lewis songs?

Yes to all of that, but those aren't the main reasons why I constantly watch these films anytime they are on TV.

In my opinion, just like with any great movie, the Back to the Future films have interesting, well-defined, relatable characters and captivating, thought-provoking storylines. I know exactly what Marty's, Doc's, and Biff's goals are in each movie.

Another big factor in BTTF's popularity has to be its genre crossing. It's a sci-fi movie wrapped in a comedy wrapped in a drama wrapped in a 1) romance, 2) action film, or 3) western.

In one scene, you can be laughing at Doc Brown's facial reactions, pondering over his scientific reasoning, and being on the edge of your seat at what will happen next.

Though 2015 does not look exactly like it was supposed to according to Back to the Future Part II, a whole lot of people  do not care.

But today as we take our pocket phone/camera/internet machines with us to the theaters to watch these movies we love, we may laugh at the flying cars, robotic gas stations, and self-drying jackets, but at the same time realize a lot has changed since 1989.

The world does seem a bit more futuristic than it did back then.

And though Back to the Future Day may come and go, these movies will still be revered and applauded for generations to come.

That's a prediction that will definitely be true in 30 years.